The 3 Best Resources To Help You Prepare For Any Test

Taking tests is an unavoidable part in the life of any student. Tests are very important because they can often have the power to decide our future career. Hence, test preparation is something that has to be taken very seriously. Students must ideally start preparing for tests several months in advance. This will enable them to spread out the preparation over several weeks, thus reducing each day’s burden to a manageable amount. Although most┬átests will be based on courses that you do study in class, there may be quite a few tests for which you will need to self-study. This means that finding the best resources to understand the course material is absolutely essential. Let us now take a look at the 3 best resources that can help you in your preparation for any test.

The Library:

There is a lot of word on the internet that libraries are a thing of the past and that with the advent of the internet, the library isn’t useful anymore. This cannot be farther from the truth. The library was and still is the #1 resource for any student. Libraries usually have all kinds of books related to the topic of study. This means that you can get a holistic understanding of the concepts by comparing the views of several authors. Moreover, the library can also be used as a place to study. It is quiet and peaceful and provides the perfect atmosphere for any student to concentrate on their study without distractions.

The Internet:

The Internet may not come without distractions but it is still a very useful resource for students preparing for tests. The primary advantage that the internet has over the books that the library offers is Videos. On the internet, you can find millions of videos explaining various concepts and topics. Videos can make use of 3D animations and visualizations to help you understand tricky concepts better. This will also enable you to remember the concepts better as the videos will remain vivid in your memory.

Past Test Question Papers:

The question papers from previous years can be a very valuable test preparation resource. A quick look at these question papers will enable you to understand the way in which questions are structured and the pattern which has been followed. You will also be able to get the approximate weight given to each of the sub-topics in the subject. Hence, it is always wise to collect and make the best use of previous years’ question papers.

3 Things You Need To Know About AP Tests

AP Tests are an excellent way to secure admission to the course and college of your choice. This makes them an important turning point in the lives of all students. Most colleges in the US and Canada also offer you credits based on your AP Test scores. This means that you can potentially reduce your workload at college by taking and acing AP tests. The knowledge you gain by preparing for and taking an AP tests goes a long way in forming a solid foundation for your college education. Let us now take a look at 3 important things you need to know about AP Tests.

AP Test is NOT Equal to an AP Course:

This is one of the best things about the AP program. You can simply pay the exam fee and take any AP test you feel like it without actually having taken the AP Course. Of course, this means that you will either need to be already proficient in that course or have to self-study for it. The fact that most colleges offer free credit based on your AP test scores means that you can take advantage of the AP Tests to gain a lot of college credits while still in High School, thereby reducing your workload when you actually start college. You can take up tests in subjects which you may already be proficient in such as AP Chinese Language or AP Spanish Language, without taking the respective AP courses.

You Choose Who Sees your AP Grades:

When applying for the exams you have the option to select which schools you would like your AP grades to be sent to. If you are unsure about this, you can always leave this option blank. When you get the results and are happy with it, you can decide which schools to show your results to. If you aren’t happy or unsure about how it’ll showcase you, you can always choose to not show these grades to the schools.

Good AP Scores allow you to skip Basic Freshman Courses in College:

Most colleges in the United States and Canada offer college credits based on your AP Test grades. This means that if you have enough credits from your AP grades, you can probably skip time-consuming basic freshman courses. This will allow you to take more advanced courses much earlier or make use of your extra free-time to find some part-time job. If you plan it right, you could even be able to graduate sooner!